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Cash advance for individuals with jobs
Cash advance, payday loans for individuals with jobs

One of the greatest advantages of having a job, particularly a government job is that a person is usually assured of a salary monthly if he will be present in office or any other location specified by his employer and complete the work as specified. The owners of companies who do not pay their employees on time as promised like Kingfisher airlines receive negative coverage in the mainstream media. So though the salary may be less, and the work boring, most people prefer to have a job, instead of taking the risk of starting a business or being self employed.

The finances of small business owners and self employed persons are unpredictable and there is no guarantee that they will receive any payment in a month. So lenders are more likely to help individuals with a job lending them money in case they require it. Due to the mindset of the intelligence and security agencies who are quick to label any person who is leading a frugal life, to save money for his or her old age, most young people are leading an extremely lavish life, spending almost all their salary on clothes, eating out and enjoying themselves. As a result, they have very little funds for a financial emergency and require a cash advance or payday loan.

Some of the financial emergencies which a person can face
- health problems
- accident
- family problems
- theft or burglary
- natural calamity like floods, hurricane, drought

One of the major risks of lending money to any person is that the funds will never be returned, and the lender will have to write off the payment as a bad debt causing losses. So lenders will assess the borrower, to find out how likely the borrower is to repay the debt. They prefer salaried individuals who will get a monthly payment, especially if the borrower will authorise the lender to withdraw the money from the bank account directly. Though the fees for the cash advance are fairly high, it will be the best source of quick money in case of an emergency for a salaried person.

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